2018 PW Award Colette Obray

Honorary Life Membership Award, presented by Freddie Prettyman, our 2017 recipient. Freddie’s speech is shown below:

    Good morning everyone, and Happy Mother’s Day! Today is far more than a day to honor our mothers. It is also a day of celebration for Trinity Presbyterian Women, a group that strengthens our church by nurturing our faith with a rich blend of service and outreach. Today, we gather to rejoice in presenting a special someone with our annual Presbyterian Women Honorary Life Membership award.

    Since so many within our church give generously of their time and talents to our ministries, the selection process for this award can be a challenge. Last year, I was honored to receive this award, and today, I am enormously pleased to introduce you to our 2018 recipient. Who is she? Well, let’s see if a few details will help you figure it out.

    The military brought our recipient and her family to Pensacola, and in 2004 she made Trinity Presbyterian her church home. We soon realized that along with church membership, she also brought her strong work ethic to our church.

    As a career woman, she spends long hours working at a civilian post at Naval Air Station. But at the end of the day, she’s not at all hesitant about helping out on an array of projects at Trinity. She considers it perfectly normal to give heart and soul to Trinity’s youth, especially when it’s a labor of love.

    Fortunately, she brings to the table an admirable background in the hospitality industry. She manages to teach valuable life skills to our youth, and helps them have fun while completing their goals. Her special projects are many, and include, among others, organizing and directing Operation Christmas Child, created to provide Christmas gifts for less fortunate children.

    After Christmas, on the largest football weekend of the year, she helps our youth prepare soup and bake bread for Souper Bowl Sunday, to raise funds for those in need.

    On Valentine’s Day, her focus is on our Trinity singles and senior citizens. She and her young team provide a heartwarming meal at the annual Valentine’s Luncheon. In the process, she helps the youth prepare the food, serve the tables, and clean up after the luncheon.

    During March, at the Trinity Rummage Sale, she plans snacks and meals for the volunteers. On another project, she helps our youth prepare and deliver meals for home-bound members. Well, that’s just a slight glimpse of this exceptional lady’s tireless endeavors for our church. But whatever the project, her efforts do not go unnoticed by those who know her well.

    Her friend Stephanie notes that her “steadfast heart for service is an inspiration to us all, and especially to our children.”

    Another friend, Laura, comments, “ She loves serving others, and she manages to convey that feeling to those working with her.”

    Our own Wendy summed up the feelings of many, by adding, “I would join her on any team, on any project, and for any length of time, knowing that with her there, it will be done well, on time, and with care for the feelings of all involved.”

    Obviously our selection committee agrees with those thoughts. We have long observed her faithful work for our church. Without a doubt, she is a prime example of Christian service at its best. Today, we join with her husband Preston and son Ryan in congratulating Colette Obray, our recipient of the 2018 Presbyterian Women Honorary Life Member award.


Last Published: June 1, 2018 12:32 PM