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CHRISTIAN EDUCATION TEAM oversees the discipleship and learning of all who wish to improve their knowledge and relationsip with the Bible and our Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.   Chair: Kathryn Hendrix

              The Christian Education Team invites you to participate in our ministry.  We help coordinate, recruit and support our Sunday School teachers.  We work on Wednesday Night activities, such as children’s choirs.  We coordinate, recruit and support the Children’s Church during the worship service.  Vacation Bible School, the Easter Egg Hunt, Rally Day and Trunk or Treat are few of our special activities.   The Library Board is a sub-committee.  As part of our budget, we offer the congregation a subscription to Right Now Media.  Below, we highlight just one of the special projects that the Christian Education Team sponsors.


The Children & Youth Sunday School classes join together 4 times per year for a service project.  This time together will offer an opportunity to express their love and care for one another while serving other sheep of his flock.  During one Sunday school hour the children and youth will work together to complete a project in which they can identify with the need and the lesson learned through Biblical teachings.  Each project will engage a different team of volunteers who have a passion for the project’s cause.  The bond our children and youth have with other members will flourish even further. If anyone wishes to help with any of the four projects, please contact Colette Obray.  Many will benefit from your assistance.

Sunday School Service Projects 2018


August 12th:  The children and youth with the help of the Fellowship Committee will prepare Scripture Cake.  This cake dates to the late 1700’s as a way to teach baking and Bible verses.  The congregation will be presented with this cake for parlor snacks.

August 1st–November 4th: Operation Christmas Child blesses children around the world with gift-filled shoeboxes that become opportunities to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.  The children and youth will collect donations to pack in shoe boxes.  Shoe box packing party is scheduled for November 4th.  The Home Builders and The Gap Sunday school classes look forward to joining in for the packing party.

Sunday School Service Projects 2019


January 13th Trinity’s Children and Youth will prepare Potato-Leek Soup, Fresh Baked Bread and a Sweet Treat for homebound members. Along with their family, they will deliver this meal basket to the member’s homes. Both the Fellowship and Congregational Care Committees work alongside the children and youth to prepare the meal baskets.

April:  Our children and youth will make 300 Cards of Support and Encouragement for Foster Parents, in the tri-county area.  These cards will be included in appreciation packages given by Family First Network.  May is Foster Family Appreciation Month.


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