SUNDAY,  July 9, 2017

 8:45 AM            Christian Education for all ages

10:00 AM           Worship, Sanctuary

Ambassadors Training following worship

 4:00 PM            Presbytery Workshop, Northminister Presbyterian Church

MONDAY, July 10, 2017

 9:00 AM            Movers & Shakers Exercise Class, Parlor

 6:30 PM            Christian Education Team, Room F

TUESDAY, July 11, 2017

 5:30 PM               Worshp Team, Room E

WEDNESDAY, July 12, 2017

 9:00 AM            Movers & Shakers Exercise Class, Parlor

 7:00 PM            Adult Choir Rehearsals, Choir Room

THURSDAY, July 13, 2017

 1:00 PM            Fellowship Bridge Group, Parlor

FRIDAY, July 14, 2017

 9:00 AM            Movers & Shakers Exercise Class, Parlor

SUNDAY,  July 16, 2017

 8:45 AM            Christian Education for all ages

10:00 AM           Worship, Sanctuary

ART IN THE LIBRARY by photographer Anne Baehr. Anne aims to capture the viewer's attention by using unique styles: mosaics, collage, abstract photographs and painted effects. A quote from Ansel Adams "You don't take a photograph, you make one" inspires her to take her photographs a step further and create digital art from her pictures.  Anne has won local and national awards.  June 2017, she was awarded a diploma and bronze medal, for her photography from the French  Academic  Society “Arts-Sciences-Lettres” (Arts, Science and Letters) in Paris.

Library Art Show link 2017

Soup Kitchen

Join us at Loaves and Fishes Soup Kitchen

Sunday, August 6, at 4:00 pm to help serve dinner.  We need you!

No Wednesday Night Supper

During the months of May - August, our kitchen crew, led by Cam and Elizabeth Massengill, take a well deserved break from the kitchen on Wednesday nights.  Our Wednesday Night Suppers will resume in September.  We will miss those delicious meals during the summer months and look forward to the fall!  Thanks to Cam, Elizabeth and the entire kitchen crew for your hard work.