Legacy Advisory Committee

PURPOSE:    To promote financial gifts and bequests to Trinity Presbyterian Church and to advise the Session regarding usage of those gifts and restricted funds.


  • The Committee shall be composed of not less than four (4) members and no more than six (6) members, serving four-year terms.
  • The members need not be Elders.
  • One member shall serve as Chair, as recommended by the Committee and approved by the Session.
  • The members shall serve in staggered terms so as to provide for long-term continuity.


  1. Assisting the Stewardship Committee in educating the congregation in regard to estate planning, making financial gifts, bequests, deferred giving, and or other categories of gifts to Trinity Presbyterian Church to foster the mission and ministries of God's kingdom.
  2. Recommending to the Session guidelines for application for use of funds, including information necessary or requested in order to ascertain the intended use of the funds and the suitability for the intention or designated use thereof.
  3. Maintaining a historical record of: a) financial gifts/bequests received, b) the intentions and restrictions on use (if stated by the donor and/or approved by the Session), and c) the usage and nature of expenditures of those funds.
  4. Receiving applications for use of the Endowment/Restricted funds.
  5. Reviewing the intended use and the applicability to the Fund from which the financing is requested.
  6. Recommending to the Session and/or Plans and Policies Committee appropriate actions on the requests.


  1. The Committee will meet quarterly and additionally as needed and called by the Chair.
  2. The Advisory committee will
    • receive and review requests for usage of the funds,
    • meet with any committee or individual if needed for further clarification,
    • review the Funds/Accounts most suitably matched to the requests' intention,
    • ascertain if the request is in keeping with any donor restrictions/intentions or Session restrictions, and
    • make recommendation(s) to the Session and/or the Session's Plans and Policies Committee for approval, denial, or alteration of the request.
  3. Appeal/Mediation:  If the Session disagrees with the Committee's recommendations and votes to override it, or if there is broad discretion left to the Session by the donor but Elders object to the decision, or if the Session's decision shows apparent violation or disregard to the donor's intent, should there be need for appeal or mediation, the matter shall be referred back to Advisory Committee and the Session and a third-party mediator to resolve and bring back a recommendation requiring approval by 2/3 vote of the Session.
  4. If we can no longer honor the intent of the donor's initial restrictions on expenditures of that fund, after consultation with the donor if possible, by 2/3 vote of the Session we may approve expenditure of the funds for other purpose(s) approved by the Session as best as possible matching but not limited to the donor's intent.
  5. The make-up and operation of the committee are governed by the Bylaws of Trinity Presbyterian Church-Pensacola, FL and are subject to review and revision by Session action.

    CLASS OF 2015                                          CLASS OF 2016                        CLASS OF 2017                        EX OFFICIO

    Martha Lee Blodgett, Chair                            Milton Usry                                Clayton Connors                        Hugh Hamilton

    Ruth White                                                   Jean Norman                                                                               Sharon Robbins


Last Published: April 2, 2013 2:11 PM