Will Shehee - March'17 Update

We have finally moved into our new campus! We were able to complete the Men's Dorm building, which consists of 28 rooms, all facing into a central courtyard. This will be able to function as our entire campus for the School of Missions and Prayer for several years as we continue to grow. We currently have 19 full-time students, but now that we have room for growth, we hope to see that number significantly increase next year!

Etta and I have also built a structure for children's ministry from our own personal finances in loving memory of Lydia Rose Shehee, our daughter who passed away in 2014. We are in the process of building a playground as well. We hope that this will provide a fun and spiritually edifying environment for the children in the surrounding neighborhoods. We are re-launching our children's ministry program from the new campus this Saturday afternoon!

We are also preparing to start pouring the slab for the new House of Prayer sanctuary. We have raised enough money to finish the floor and walls. We are currently holding our daily prayer meetings in the Children's banda, which is a little tight, but we are making it work. We plan to have a Grand Opening conference with the whole Tororo community in May.

Thanks so much for making all of this possible!!! You have empowered us to make a significant step towards training and sending more native African missionaries!

Until every tribe worships the Lamb,

Will Shehee


Last Published: May 12, 2017 12:52 PM