TLC Statement of Purpose and Philosophy


First and foremost, the well being of your child is our top priority. Trinity Learning Center (TLC) maintains that all children need to grow spiritually, intellectually, physically, socially, and emotionally. We believe that in order to develop the highest possible self-esteem, children must become aware of God and His importance in their lives. This knowledge will help them as they begin to grow as children of God.

We offer a Christian based curriculum in a nurturing, loving and safe environment. Our curriculum will provide a strong developmental and pre-academic basis for each child. It is our hope that your child’s experiences with us will be filled with fun, warmth, security, exploration, and discovery. Children are creative and receptive, and our program strives to nurture and encourage these qualities. It is also our desire to develop close and cooperative relationships with the parents of children in our program.

Trinity Learning Center is a ministry of Trinity Presbyterian Church and a committee of the church session. Space, utilities, insurance, and bookkeeping are part of the financial support provided by Trinity Presbyterian Church. Tuition and registration fees of children provide the remainder of the working budget. TLC is fully licensed by the State of Florida and meets or exceeds all Department of Children and Families requirements for the state and county (license number C01E50149). We also fully are licensed by the Association of Christian Schools International.             



Provide a quality environment for children under our care

Provide a sound developmental curriculum

Provide a staff dedicated to enriching each child’s life through sound instruction, both developmentally and spiritually

Provide opportunities for success so that each child experiences a growing sense of self-worth

Provide an environment in which each child will develop self-control, respect for others, kindness, and cooperation

Provide experiences to develop in each child a positive self-image, and meet the needs of the total child and his/her family



Trinity Learning Center is a ministry to the community. We seek to establish a caring, nurturing environment that respects the religious beliefs of the children, their parents, and our staff. We believe that Christianity teaches love for all people, and we want all children from all religious backgrounds to feel welcome in our program.

 Our children are asked to participate in prayer, such as grace before meals, and we celebrate certain Christian holidays, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.  Our program is designed to compliment each family’s own religious instruction, not to replace or compete with it.

 Under the direction of the Trinity Presbyterian minister, Reverend Doctor Hugh Hamilton  the children (3 and 4 year olds) will be offered chapel once a week where they will hear Bible stories and sing Bible songs.


Last Published: October 11, 2013 12:49 PM