PRESBYTERIAN WOMEN encircle all ages, young and old. Bible Study Circles (majority meet 2nd Tuesday each month), Prayer Circles, and Ecumenical Missions (Mission Opportunity Day 3-4x year) are a few of the many opportunities for nurturing faith and building an inclusive, caring community of women that strengthen the Presbyterian church, spread care through outreach and witness to the promise of God’s Kingdom.

If you are not already a member of one of our small group Bible study circles, and would like to be a part of a wonderfully supportive women’s group, please call Pat Drlcka, PW Moderator, at 791-6066 or 293-0401. We are forming a new circle or you may prefer to join a circle where you have a friend or neighbor. We would love to have you join us!

Judy Scruggs received the 2013 Presbyterian Women Lifetime Membership award.

Ellis Moody received the 2014 Presbyterian Women Lifetime Membership award.

Joyce White received the 2015 Presbyterian Women Lifetime Membership award.

Sue Davis received the 2016 Presbyterian Women Lifetime Membership award.

Freddie Prettyman received the 2017 Presbyterian Women Lifetime Membership award.

Colette Obray received the 2018 Presbyterian Women Lifetime Membership award.


Trinity Presbyterian Women Celebrate Special Tradition

Colette Obray

Congratulations to Mrs. Colette Obray

2018 Hononrary Life Membership Award

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