O God, thou hast taught me from my youth: and hitherto have I declared thy wondrous works.”   Psalm 71:17

Brian's Notes


Parents, Youth and Families:

Last month I introduced a summer series that aims to help families initiate conversations about faith and the relationship we can have with God. I’m drawing the content for these articles from the book Sticky Faith by Dr. Kara Powell and Dr. Chap Clark. For the authors, Sticky Faith has three important characteristics:

Sticky Faith is both internal and external. What students think and believe should correspond to what students do. “Sticky Faith involves the whole-person integration” (22).

Sticky Faith is both personal and communal. Students recognize their faith must be personal while at the same time recognizing they stand in a tradition that is far greater than them.

Sticky Faith is both mature and maturing. Sticky Faith affirms that faith should develop into a greater level of maturity while also recognizing that students are in a process of development.

Instilling a Sticky Faith in our students is a process we cannot do alone. No parent or youth leader alone can form a Sticky Faith in young people. It requires the entire church and most importantly the work of God. And a Sticky Faith will not emerge through a single practice or activity. It requires a robust and well-rounded experience that is shaped by parents, peers, pastoral staff and leaders, mentors, extended family, and whoever else has a vested interest in young peoples’ faith.

Last month I focused on identity and how having a Christ-centered identity helps students navigate the confusion that often surrounds identity formation. This month I want to focus on the importance of faith conversations. The authors cite this statistic from the well-respected Search Institute, a research center devoted to helping families, schools, and kids make the world a better place for kids. According their “nationwide study of 11,000 teenagers from 561 congregations across six denominations, 12 percent of youth have a regular dialogue with their mom on faith or life issues…It’s far lower for dads. One out of twenty kids, or 5 percent, has regular faith or life conversations with their dad” (71). Research supports the claim that the more thorough and honest conversations parents and youth have about faith the greater faith those students will have as they mature.

Where do you begin? The authors recommend several approaches, so I’ll highlight those and pray that your family can begin or deepen your conversations about faith and our life as Christians.

              Learn to Listen and Ask Questions, Not Lecture.

Create the Right Venue for Meaningful Conversation

Don’t Avoid Touchy Subjects. Television and Music Certainly Don’t.

Share Your Own Faith. Mistakes, Regrets, Joys.

Develop Conversation Rituals.

Grace & Peace,


Montreat Youth Conference 2017

I thought it would be near impossible for Montreat to live up to all the hype. Everyone, from Pastor Hugh to countless members, sang the praises of this North Carolina paradise and promised that I would love it as soon as I passed through the iconic stone archway. Well, everyone was right! As many of you know, Montreat, in a quiet but powerful way, brings you closer to God and reminds you of the amazing ways that God works in our lives. What a blessing to start my time at Trinity in Montreat! Read More
Mid High Mystery 2017

The Mid-Highs recently returned from their Mystery Trip. They left on June 2 and headed to Atlanta where they spent a fun filled day at Six Flags. Thanks to the Trawick family, they continued on to Highlands, NC where they stayed in their mountain home and enjoyed hiking, beautiful waterfalls, white water rafting and zip lining. The Mid High Group returned to Pensacola on June 8. The theme of the trip and scripture study each day was "I Can" with a emphasis on stepping out and doing things through our Christ who gives us strength. There were 21 who attended in all: 16 youth and 5 adult chaperones.  Thank you to all for your prayers!

Our goal is to provide a creative, youth friendly space where youth will learn to live the life God desires for them. Read More


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